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KIDWAY Personality Development PROGRAMS are created to make the children an all rounder. At times it is observed that a child may be good in studies but lacks the confidence to reach out to different people or express oneself.
We believe personality is a vital part of child's overall grooming and development. Shyness removal classes at Kidway helps kids gain full confidence for life.Our classes and activities for confidence buiding in kids are customised as per childs indiviual needs. There can be one to one sessions as well as group confidence buiding discussions to boost kids spirits.Kids become very comfortable and smarter gradually in our personality grooming trainings. Thats the power of our PERSONALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS. One may need to face interviews in life for job or present oneself at a social gathering. Communication and expression are thus very important.

Is your child shy or lacks confidence?
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shyness removal in kids classes in Lucknow

Problems Faced related to Personality

  • Lack of concentration
  • Shyness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of speaking skills
  • Lack of interest in social or co curricular activities
  • Fear of other people

Step by step Personality Improvement Solutions

  • The module is designed specifically for each child.
  • We carefully observe a child to understand his basic nature.
  • The checklist is created for each student to keep a proper track.
  • We counsel the children such that they attain comfort zone with us.
  • We then constantly follow up with the parents to understand the improvements in the child.

Personality Grooming Results

  • The child starts clear communication with confidence.Kids become Socially Smart and Active.SmartShyness, fear of public speaking etc become history. .