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The Behavior Improvement Classes at KIDWAY aim at focusing on each and every trait of the child. Your child may be showing stubborn behaviour, addiction to Tv mobile,backtakling and similar behavioral concerns. Parents frequently complaint about their child's attitude towards them and others. Their kids neither obey them nor pay attention to studies. At times the kids are just not listening forcing parents to yell or get frustrated. Still no result. The need of the hour is to provide right behavioral guidance to the children to inculcate good values in them. Character building is very important right from the beginning.A human being without character, discipline, etiquettes etc is no greater than an animal. So ENROL your kids to the 7 DAYS BEHAVIOUR IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM NOW!!See your kids learning manners, etiquettes, following discipline not only at school but outside also.

stubborn behaviour correction classes for kids in Lucknow India

Behavioural Problems Faced by Kids

  • Back talking
  • Addiction to TV mobile video games
  • Disrespect of elders
  • Laziness
  • Stubborn Behaviour
  • Improper eating habits
  • Use of abusive language

Step by step Solutions for Behaviour Correction

  • The module is designed specifically for individual child'`s behavioral concern.
  • The checklist is created for each student to keep a proper track of behavioral development.
  • We counsel the children, win their trust such that they attain comfort zone with us.
  • We then constantly follow up with the parents to understand the improvements in behaviour of the child.

Results in Behavioural Improvement

  • The child starts showing behavioral improvement as desired by parents. Then gradually it develops into good habit and kid becomes behaviorally fit.