An Initiative by IIT IIM Alumni

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Background of Kidway Pre School

An initiative by IIT IIM Alumni, Kidway Preschool is the first of its kind in Lucknow, India which takes the burden away from parents and child. Ours is the best PreSchool, Playschool, Nursery and Daycare in Lucknow for a reason. This is because once you enrol your kids in early years with us, we take care of everything from studies to personal hygiene, food habits, etiquette etc. Your kid will simply love to come to us.

AIM of Kidway Playschool and Nursery

At Kidway Pre School, we treat every child as an individual as per his/her requirements and age. We strive to create a warm and motivating environment where kids in their early years start to enjoy learning on their own.

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Why Kidway PreSchool is different from any other Pre School or Nursery?

We strongly believe that learning, development and care of kids in the early years from birth to five are the most important in shaping their lives. At Kidway PreSchool, the commitment and love that everyone clearly has to make sure that every child is well cared for and have fun while learning is praised by all the parents. And thus, our Parents regard us as the best playschool, nursery and daycare in Lucknow!

  • We motivate the child to learn without scolding or scaring them.
  • The kids become confident in finishing their homework themselves.
  • We are friends of each child and not teachers.
  • We believe in building quality in child, and not just woo parents by materialistic show off.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in educating the tiny tots.
  • We believe in making the kids smile always and never cry.

Helping your child settle in Kidway Preschool

We welcome you and your child to Kidway Pre School and Daycare. Each child is different and so they settle into an all new routine differently. While some may confidently move into school, others may be anxious and worried about leaving their parents. The first step is towards helping children settle in.

Please be reassured that we will be by your childs side all the time. They will start coming to school happily.

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best preschool in Lucknow The primary focus at Kidway Play School and Nursery is learning through practical experiences and concepts.

To provide a welcoming atmosphere to both parents and child. To make the kids understand the real value of subjects taught. To work closely with parents in partnership to meet the needs of each child. To make these early years learning so fruitful that a strong foundation for a secure future is built. To enable students to form positive and trusting relationships with their friends and teachers.

Areas of Development Achieved best nursery school in Lucknow
  • ART
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Gallery of Kidway Preschool and Daycare in Lucknow

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What Parents Say

My son is 13 years old but he could not do basic maths, did not recognize alphabets, was low on confidence & concentration. I had lost all hopes till I got in touch with Prateek Sir at KIDWAY. I shifted from Sitapur to Lucknow for 5 months to take sessions for my child. Now, we see him improving on all aspects.

Sid Malhotra

I was so worried because my 7 year old daughter, was suffering from selective mutism. She talked only with me & was silent with any other family member. I am glad that I joined KIDWAY. I have seen dramatic improvement in my child.


My son feared & cried going to school everyday. He stopped going to school one day. Within 10 days of joining KIDWAY, my son is now happily going to school.

Jai Khattar

Prateek Sir has done great work on my son. He used to abuse me a lot at home. But, now he has improved a lot & developed interest towards studies also.

Amogh Mishra

Doctors said my son has dyslexia. I tried everything. Then I came to know about KIDWAY. I enrolled my son here & my son is now completely normal.

Aditya Raj Bhar