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Hyperactivity in child is a misleading term. We first need to conclude if your child is really hyperactive or not. Mostly children only need attention & expert observation. Such activities can definitely be tackled.We give individual attention to your kid so that we completely understand the root cause of his/her behavior and follow approach to convert is hyperactive symptoms into regular behavior.
ADHD is form of hyperactivity where kids are not able to focus or sitting at one place. Kids are generally curious and active. So what you might think as ADHD symptoms may not be true at all.Our experts can help you understand your child`s behaviour and figure out the best approach to bring out the best behavior in your child.You don`t need doctor but a friend like Kidway.
Kids with Dyslexia are not able to read properly or relate sounds of alphabets. But we strongly believe that kids can learn to read at their pace properly and confidently.You don,t need medicines for brain development or treatment of dyslexia. Our experts have helped many parents and kids facing dyslexia and obtained tremendous results. Consult with our experts and they will surely provide you result oriented plan of action.
Autism may hinder routine activities for your child. But Kidway has definitely a solution for treatment of autism in kids.We work closely with child to understand his/her trigger points and psychology.We are confident as we have already helped many parents with similar problems.Just be patient and Kidway will find the best workable approach for your child.idently.
We handle such cases everyday. With our unique teaching methodology focusing on basic concepts, your child can become the best among his classmates.
We focus on building trust with the kid first. After that we try to replicate the situation in our sessions in a friendly way. You will see a dramatic improvement in just a week.
It is important to understand the child psychology in such cases. Your intention might be right but each child needs to be handled differently.
These are common habits now. But, our teachers are well trained to deal with such common habits patiently. You will definitely see positive improvement in few days.