An Initiative by IIT IIM Alumni

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Our Vision

We want to ensure that students understand the real meaning of subjects through practical examples and not just cram them and write exams.
So, we aim to provide an amicable and safe environment where these young buds can open up freely, get exposure to real life and become ready to tackle all situations in life confidently and successfully.
Personality, behaviour, etiquettes, co-curricular and academics completely describe a child. We aim to make each child 'KIDWAY' Ambassador boasting all the above qualities. After undergoing our training sessions we want all to proudly say that the child has become "KIDWAY" .
We strongly beleive what Gandhiji said "Nation marches on the tiny feet of its children".

Why Choose KIDWAY

An Initiative by IIT IIM Alumni KIDWAY aims at joining hands with parents to help them bring out the best in their child. Each child is special and has a unique talent.The early years of child education are very crucial as they decide the future perspectives for him. It is rightly said "As you sow so shall you reap".

Affectionate Teachers

Our teachers are affectionate and well trained to treat and educate each student as their own child.

Individual Attention

Each child is different and thus their teaching method is devised as per an student psychology.

Friendly Environment

We play together, laugh together, study together, and our students look forward for all our sessions.

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Decades of Experience

We do not claim without proof. Discussion with our alumni will tell you how happy they are after joining us.

Regular Follow ups

We keep a continuous track of the child’s progress not only in class but also at home with their parents.

Happy Child

Perfection is a continuous process with problematic children. Our experience in the field help us rectify.

Meet Our Team

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Sunny Jaiswal

A pioneer in the field of education, he keeps on experimenting and innovating new methodologies to bring out the best in each child.

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Prateek Jaiswal

Children just love him. He is a specialist in child psychology with years of experience. He can easily find out where a child lacks and implement the best strategy in his/her favour.

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Ajay Jaiswal

He is instrumental in the idea of 'KIDWAY'. He has been in the field of primary education for above 15 years. He strongly beleives in the idea of teaching without any use of physical torture.

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Mayank Goel

An all rounder.He is the motivation behind the idea of making a student follow studies, sports, or any other aspect of life with ease, consistency and zero digression.